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  • From the clear blue and tortoise water, to the crystal sands, Bremer Bay is abstract fine art in itself.

  • All canvas prints are ready to hang. Informative video available soon!

There are different dimensions for Panoramic prints. Please check the print heights.
Print sizes available for the biggest image:
75 x 37 cm | 30'' x 15'' inches
100 x 50 cm | 40'' x 20'' inches
126 x 63 cm | 50'' x 25'' inches
151 x 75 cm | 60'' x 30'' inches

Print sizes available for the narrow image:
75 x 25 cm | 30'' x 10'' inches
100 x 32 cm | 40'' x 13'' inches
126 x 42 cm | 50'' x 17'' inches
151 x 50 cm | 60'' x 20'' inches

The images are the closest result you'll have based on the sizes above.

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Material Information


One of the most unique and eye-catching methods to hit the print world in a long time, thanks to technology. Changing ordinary walls into centrepieces and mini galleries in your own home, providing superb definition and remarkable depth. We offer two kinds of Aluminium finishes, it's best to think of it as a coat that protects your art, but they have some great benefits too, so here is a quick overview to de-clutter all the noise. 


High Gloss Finished – The most popular style, similar to a clear glass cover, provides a shine and it works exceptionally well with photography, as bold colours are clearly defined, really making the art stand out – one thing to note is that in areas with intense light, Gloss reflects, in this case Matte may be more suitable.


Matte Finished - Think of this as a softer version of High Gloss, better for those rooms with bright light, but still a remarkable quality that fits perfect with photography, it doesn't have as much of the shine as Gloss, and this is best for larger portions of colour and minimum detail.



More than just the classical touch with canvassing, there's an obvious reason why it's so popular, famed the world over for its distinct “warm & homely” feel to it. Canvassing is the original image printed on cotton and provided with a UV finish to help protect the materials and art, and we only use the finest cotton that's wrapped around a high-quality wooden frame – still providing clarity and definition.